Saturday, July 5, 2008

Celebrating our Rights of Travel & Assembly (or, Happy Birthday, America!)

Yesterday (the 4th of July), I happily took the day off from studying for the Bar to enjoy some fresh air and good company. We woke up bright and early and ventured out to Bailey, CO to hike part of the Lost Creek Wilderness Trail with our friends The Whitneys (Kristen & Mark). It was AWESOME and exactly what I needed after 6 weeks of sitting in class and at the dining room table with my head in books.

For the evening, we were invited to the Leppkes' house to celebrate Independence Day with a BBQ on the lovely deck built by the men-folk of our circle of friends. (Not surprisingly, the deck withstood it's first of many celebrations.) In typical Lewis fashion, we couldn't take a simple store-bought dessert. Oh no, it had to be something straight from our kitchen. After searching for something light and festive, we settled on a Lemon Curd Berry Trifle that, I must say, was easy enough to make between a 6-mile hike and a BBQ AND delicious! Although I don't have to, I'll go ahead and tell you that we skipped the step of making out own lemon curd and bought jars of lemon curd from the store. I fully intend to try this recipe again this summer and make our own lemon curd, but if you're looking for a quick dessert that looks like it could've taken you all day, this is a good one.

The BBQ itself was great fun, but we always have a good time with the Leppkes, Fisks and Whitneys. :)

(Our attempt at Mexican Train Dominoes. Turns out there are too many rules for Bret.)


Janey and Gary said...

Shucks, I was hoping that maybe, just maybe, he and I could win @ Mexican Train - since we certainly need to find something.

whatsthedeal said...

Steven says you're very welcome for the Five Guys. :) Also, GOOD LUCK ON THE BAR! You will rock it, no problem.