Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bret & Jaimy <3 Food

If you know us (and chances are you do, if you've come around for the birth of our blog), you know that we love, love, love food. We love to cook it. We love to eat it. We love to talk about it. (It's amazing that we do not together weigh over a ton, really.)

With so many of our friends and family starting blogs (TJ and Holly and Dad Lewis, law school pals, etc.), we started to wonder what we could offer to the series of tubes that we fondly refer to as the internet. What do we have to say, really?

Well, whether or not anyone ever reads this thing, the one thing we have to talk about, aside from the lovely Elsa, is our life in food. And wine. Recipes we find, restaurants we visit (here in Denver and on various travels), and the nifty little shops we frequent. And of course, if and when anything exciting that is non-food-related comes up, we'll certainly toss that in as well.

Currently, this is an attempt at creatively avoiding my bar exam studies, so we'll see. I'm hoping it's a resource for family and friends to keep track of us, and find out what's for dinner.

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