Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Summer is Moving Along Like a Freight Train...

This summer is moving SO fast that I am already dreading the cold of winter, even though it was 100 degrees today (and will be for the next few). Lest you think I am complaining, let me remind you that I, Jaimy, have spent the last two summers studying for bar exams. If I am complaining about this summer, it is because as the weeks tick past, I wish it could last forever. Labor Day will come all too soon - definitely before I am resigned to Fall. As much as we often wish we could click our heels together and be anywhere-but-D.C., I have to admit that summer is the BEST time to live in Northern Virginia, especially since we have a new back patio that is like a little oasis:
Even when we are home, we are "busy," cooking up a storm and/or whiling away the hours outside over brunch just-the-two-of-us or dinner with friends.
Summertime recipes enjoyed by the Lewises:

Perfect No Cook Strawberry Ice Cream

Grilling whatever we can...

We've tried new restaurants all over the District and Arlington, and I swear I have wanted to tell you all about them... but I was too busy enjoying the sunshine! Hope you are all doing the same!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

One Extreme to Another...

So Good to be Out of the City!

Here's a link to pictures of our visit last weekend to Orange County, VA, with our good friends Meredith and Cord. Another (food-related!) post to come...

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Snowed In

OK, I just wrote a big long post about how we have been snowed in....and then blogger ate it. I think blogger ate it to get back at me for not posting for the past six months, so I have decided to just accept my punishment, instead of tempting further retribution by trying to recreate the clever things I said before.

So without further ado, here are some shots of the members of our family who have been quite pleased to have Mommy and Daddy stuck at home for the past SIX DAYS, and who really do not mind the three feet of snow in their backyard. In fact, they really quite enjoy it...

Otter digging a snow cave on his 1st birthday (Feb. 6th)

Bret tossing snowballs for the pups

Elsa enjoying the cold
Attack stance (This was early on in the snow fall,
when you could still see the bushes over the snow)