Thursday, July 10, 2008

I'm Going on a Camping Trip and I'm Taking....

A -- about 200 Flashcards
B -- binder weighing approximately 12 lbs.
C -- Conviser's Mini Review
Yes, in what can only be called a window of temporary insanity, I agreed to go on a weekend camping trip 2 and a half weeks before the Bar Exam. My rationale? Some fresh air will do me good, since I plan to spend every day in between our return and July 29th breathing the air of the law library.
And maybe, just maybe, being surrounded by the gorgeous scenery of Colorado (Great Sand Dunes National Park, in particular) will make me work even harder to impress the Colorado Bar Examiners??
Please pray that Bears do not eat my flashcards.

1 comment:

whatsthedeal said...

Bears only like torts flashcards. They taste the most like honey. Especially the parts about contributory negligence. So sweet and tasty. (Do they have contributory negligence in Colorado? Or is that only a ridiculous Virginia institution?) PS - don't go and research this now that I've brought it up...even though I know you will... :)