Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Getting Warmer...

Now that our house has been "warmed" by a smattering of our favorite people in D.C. (during a hurricane no less!) (no offense to those of our favorites who did not brave the elements to join us, by the way), I am pleased to drop in with a couple of before and after shots of what we have accomplished. We are by no means finished with this place, but it feels a lot more like home...

I'll start with our entryway and living room, which seems only natural:




FORMAL LIVING ROOM AFTER - new (but still light colored) paint, new furniture, new window dressings:

We are pretty happy with the results, if we do say so ourselves! Our big "thing" has been that we don't want to go out and just furnish the whole place just to have it furnished. We want to find things that we like, and that fit into what we want our house to be. There's more we want to do (i.e., rip out the carpet on the stairs, freshen up the fireplace and hearth), but we are in a place where we can sit back and relax for now. Which is good for our bank account, and for our weekends.

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Yathatguy said...

It's perfect!!! I am so happy for you, Bestiekans! Now, take a breather and relax! Before you know it, you'll be decorating for Christmas!