Monday, March 2, 2009

Pattern & Angle

Last Week's assignment: Pattern & Angle. Pattern is self-explanatory, but I tend to confuse Angle with "Perspective." At any rate, my five submissions are below, with the class pick for my "portfolio" first. All pictures were taken on a solo expedition around Capitol Hill.

I unfortunately missed part of last Thursday's class, thanks to an hour and a half of my life lost at the Apple Store Genius Bar. I lost allllll of my contacts from my phone in the midst of a software update. Makes me miss my 1st cell phone; with all of its lack of technology, it made phone calls, didn't drop them, and kept my contacts safe until I chose to delete or change them. :Sigh:

And MOST IMPORTANTLY, I have my husband back! Bret survived the Bar Exam! Woo hoo! I am looking forward to having someone to cook with again, and adventure with on weekends. This weekend we ventured to Ohio for a long weekend with family. It's been two years since we were there and it was great to see everyone, including lots of Puppiiiiieeesss! (More on that later....)

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Janey and Gary said...

Hey! You didn't blog for so long we forgot to check. Just caught up and we'll read it in future - as you asked. :-)

Anyway, I agree w/the class - the top one is the best of several good shots. I'm envious of your class, but I'm not sure I even HAVE that side of my brain anymore (or ever?). My theory has been that you'll eventually get a good shot if you just take enough of them. Your approach is much better, and we look forward to seeing your work.