Monday, November 3, 2008

"I think you guys are allergic to staying in one place..."

The title of this post is a direct quote from one of my dearest college friends who is never afraid to tell me exactly what he thinks. This particular quote was in response to our latest news....
We are moving baaaaack to the Washington, D.C. area. IN FIVE WEEKS.

Yes, in the same week, I was sworn in to the Colorado Bar, and we decided to move back to the east coast. And no, we are not gluttons for punishment, despite appearances. (Wait....this will be our third move in two years...well maybe we are gluttons for punishment, but that's not why we're doing this to ourselves...I think...)

Bret has an amazing job opportunity that we just can't pass up, and after many weeks of praying and pros & cons list-making (Pro: all of the friends we've been missing since we left in May 2007; Con: missing all of our new friends in Denver!), we think that this is the right choice. Since making this decision, we have had many bittersweet moments when telling our close friends here and there (and returning our recently purchased skis).

The thing is, Denver never seemed more like home than it has since we decided to leave. It will always be one of our favorite places due to our many unforgettable friends and memories here and I have no doubt that we will make our way back eventually.
For Heather (Steele), before it's no longer our address.
In the meantime, we're preparing to leave our charming little house on the corner, from which we can zip into downtown Denver in 7 minutes or into the foothills of the Rockies in 15 minutes, for the land of politics, delicious food of all kinds, traffic, pricey one bedrooms, glorious fully stocked grocery stores. and the time zone that I never seemed to have stopped living on.
Seems we'll be looking at the peaks of the domes and monuments of Washington instead of the peaks of the Rockies on Christmas morning this year. Funny where life takes you, huh?

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whatsthedeal said...

That picture is SO SWEET. I seriously want to live there now. Also, that's exactly Steven's initials -- S. Steele. So cool.