Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Madame Secretary

And now, for my most awesome moment of the 2008 Democratic National Convention:

Yes, I ever-so-briefly met Madeline Albright in the hallway of the Pepsi Center. On Day 2 (speeches by Mark Warner & Senator Clinton), as we were wandering the halls, I caught a glimpse of Gov. Bill Richardson. As I was contemplating a handshake and photo-op, I witnessed him embracing the former Secretary. And while I was momentarily paralyzed by the excitement of the possibility that I might meet her (and thereby missing the fact that she was moving to continue her walk down the hall), my fellow Host-Committee-er Mattia yelled, "Madeline!," and we were able to squeeze in this photo. (Luckily, the impropriety of addressing her by her first name while chasing after her was ignored.) One of many unforgettable moments of last week! (Thanks to my travelling photographer/husband for capturing the moment!)

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Janey and Gary said...

That is exciting!!! What a nice
reward for all your hard work.

Love you, Mom and Dad Lewis